the luteces literally show so many symptoms of autism though why dont people see this there is no reason for them to be allistic holy fucking christ

  • Deadpan way of talking
  • ROBErt stimming in canon
  • Doing the same scenario over and over and over again (autistic ppl find comfort in routine)
  • Seem to have a lack of empathy
  • Why the frick not???

Elves of Dragon Age asked by enyoung 


to neurotypicals: i hope that all ur nights at freddys r 20/20/20/20

grow the fuck up. the luteces arent autistic and never will be.

wow i didnt know you could send blank asks that’s inconvenient 

i loooove pissing off neurotypical people by wantin 2 b represented and pointing out that there is actually no reason for certain characters 2 be allistic

wow bioshock infinite is amazing they have  not one but TWO autistic characters who arent sterotypes and are adults who can take care of themselves. such a progressive game :D


The Aesthetic


The Aesthetic

i dont wanna do anyhting today except complain about allistic people

good moring time to look at pictures of the wonderful perfect autistic ginger twins

merrill plays five nights at freddy’s. shes not scared at all and finds them adorable.

but my brother and i are together, and so i am content


#087 Dewgong


Dressed up Pikachu in battle!

ppl always portray merrill as an innocent naive thing but if you actually listen to her she’s so interested in “dirty things” and asks about them every chance she gets. i have a feeling shes really kinky.

wow merribela is such a perfect pairing