i wont have a ps4 until after Christmas


god damn do i love little mac and samus

same :3 people picking on Mac and Samus jumps in to save the day



look, we get it. really, we do. you don’t need to write essays about why nonmono people can’t call themselves gay. we get it, okay. youre an angry little aroacephobe with latent transphobia and cissexism. we knew that already. turn off the computer

when someone is being ableist to merrill she sets them on fire

Neurotypical people will literally say ANYTHING to debunk neurodivergent headcanons, for example:

I was talking about the Luteces being autistic (which they are, fight me) and like, three people messaged me and said “UMMMMMMMMMMMMM you see it’s the ERA uwu they act that way because of how they where raised uwu”. this just in, everyone in Victorian England was autistic. And on top of that i get messages saying “I HAVE AN AUTISTIC FAMILY MEMBER AND THEY DONT ACT LIKE THAT!!!!!!!” shut UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP we arent all the same! and ppl wonder why i distrust neurotypical people


Imagine if a man said this: “I have a mom and a sister. I think I’m at authority to speak on women’s issues.”

I’m sure that most of us, even those of us who don’t necessarily identity as “feminist”, would object to that - right?

So then why do neurotypical family members think they can speak on autism or other neurodivergences, just because they have a family member with such a neurology?


Sorry, mister self-proclaimed autism expert, stimming doesn’t always mean someone is stressed or uncomfortable. Stometimes I stim because I’m stressed. Sometimes I stim because I’m happy. Sometimes I stim because I like to stim.

or can neurotypicals in general get the fuck out of everything?

can allistics get the FUCK out of the autism tags?




anyone who says that only ppl who experience ~~~~same gender attraction~~~~ can call themself gay literally can fucking eat dogshit I don’t give a fuck im sick of allos I hate every last fucking one of you

I’m laughing. Someone shit in your foodbowl?

comparing me to an animal,nice,nice

hey not-fedora? how about shutting the fuck up and going away, nobody likes you.

found some hot chocolate powder in the pantry so i made some. its helping me feel better

i dont even know how i feel most of the time i hate being alone but i also hate being with people. ive been alone the majority of my life because of parents working and anxiety stuff so im really used to it and expect it but i also get really lonely and cant stop thinking of bad stuff but when im with people i get stressed and constantly assume im doing something wrong and i dont understand people

im a wreck

i feel like shit today i thought i was getting better. anyone wanna teleport next to me and distract me from bad stuff? cause thats what i need

her name even starts with a K it’s a Sign