daily reminder that yu narukami is:

  • has slain 3 concepts of a god, and two gods solo
  • has fixed numerous social and emotional problems ina  small rural town with only two choices to pick
  • has eaten raw grass and not died
  • has gone through the same story 4 times
  • is probably sleeping with a weather controlling weather forecaster
  • picked up a sword and mastered all forms of swordsmanship on accident
  • hasn’t graduated college yet
  • dancing all night

i said something and they acted happy, so i assumed they where so i kept doing it and now i find out i was actually hurting them but they never did anything to indicate that? and they just sprung it on me i honestly didnt know any of this shit was hurting them because i can’t pick up subtle hints you NEED to be direct with me and just tell me stuff dont stay silent.

seriously fuck allistic people they expect us to think the same way as them and understand social stuff, well guess what? IT’S A SOCIAL DISORDER! I DONT PICK UP ON ANY OF THIS SHIT YOU NEED TO TELL ME IF I’M DOING SOMETHING WRONG

dont stay silent because i wont pick up on that

goodnight nerds


Pokemon MBTI

reflectionoftheeluvian replied to your post: luteces are faceblind and can only rea…

inspiration for the twau crossover where they confuse bigby & snow for booker & elizabeth tbh

yess its like

"Are they Mr. Dewitt and the girl?”

"I’m not sure"

"This one does have a blue dress… she didn’t wear a jacket though"

"The man seems to be like Mr. Dewitt but I can’t tell if it is him"

and then this goes on for a really long time


Night on Bald Mountain sequence in Disney’s Fantasia (1940)

my 3DS Friend Code is 2277 7847 8499


every time booker leaves an area, liz whispers to herself "let’s book it booker"

stop calling Shinji gay 2k14

in one timeline everyone is wearing something different so rob and rosa just look at each other like “… we’re doomed”